2020 MacBook Air Review Roundup – Magic Keyboard, Lower Starting Price, Faster Performance Marked as Selling Points

2020 MacBook Air review roundup

The new 2020 MacBook Air was unboxed by several news outlets and YouTubers, and they provided a first impression as well as a mini-review of the 13-inch machine. Apple’s latest notebook received a lot of positive remarks and if you’re interested in getting one, this 2020 MacBook Air review roundup should give you a summary of what to look for.

There’s Also Double the Storage Present in the 2020 MacBook Air and the Dual-Core Core i3 Processor Is Apparently a ‘Big Upgrade’

Just like the 16-inch MacBook Pro, the biggest change spotted in this 2020 MacBook Air review roundup is that redesigned Magic Keyboard. Articles published by CNBC and Engadget that were spotted by MacRumors state the following regarding the new keyboard.

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“I'm pleased to report that the new keyboard is a vast improvement.”

The base price of the new MacBook Air is $999, but the one problem customers might have is that this model ships with a dual-core Core i3 1.10GHz processor belonging to Intel’s 10th-generation family. Fortunately, CNBC reports that Apple believes the Core i3 CPU is a ‘big upgrade’ from the 8th-generation 1.6GHz dual-core Core i5 chip that came with the base model 2018 MacBook Air. We’ll have to see how much truth there is to this statement, so we’ll wait for the performance numbers to come forth.

TechCrunch also highlights the improvement in the keyboard as the outlet states the following.

“The keys are still relatively soft compared to other systems, but the feel is much improved — not to mention not as loud while typing. The feeling here is pretty similar to what you get with Apple’s Bluetooth Magic Keyboard peripheral. Honestly, that makes it a valuable upgrade in and of itself.”

Here’s a little useful info you can read before you purchase one. if you’re the kind of user that requires extra cores, it’s important that you upgrade to the Core i5 version of the 2020 MacBook Air. You’ll only have to spend a $100 extra and you’ll get a quad-core package. For most users, spending the extra $250 to get the Core i7 version isn’t worth it because you’re getting the same number of cores as the Core i5 version and a measly 100MHz clock speed increase.

2020 MacBook Air Unboxing and First Impression Videos



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