2020 iPhone SE DxOMark Results Does Not Impress With an Overall Score of 101

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2020 iPhone SE DxOMark

DxOMark tested the camera capabilities of the 2020 iPhone SE and it does not impress. The 2020 iPhone SE is Apple's second generation of the 'SE' lineup of handsets. While it received a pretty warm welcome from the tech community, DxOMark does not agree with the camera quality. The smartphone is priced at $400, which makes it a pretty strong contender since it is powered by the same chipset that is powering the iPhone 11 Pro. However, in terms of camera performance, it did not perform equally when comparing it with iPhone 11 Pro's DxOMark score

2020 iPhone SE Scored 101 Overall on DxOMark - Here's the General Breakdown of the Results

Starting off with the main camera, it received a score of 101 that restricted the entry of the smartphone on the top ten list or even top twenty. In overall DxOMark ranking, the 2020 iPhone SE was overtaken by 36 smartphone models which include the Asus Zenfone 6, Xiaomi Mi 9, the 2018 HTC U12+, and more. The smartphone is, however, on par with the Google Pixel 3a and iPhone XR.

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2020 iPhone SE DxOMark

In photo-taking capabilities from the main camera on the 2020 iPhone SE, the device received 103 points and for video, it received a score of 98. Folks over at DxOMark states that the quality of images and videos produced by the 2020 iPhone SE's camera is pretty comparable to the quality of the iPhone 11. Take note that the latter boasts a dual rear-facing camera which affects zoom and bokeh effect in a negative way. Moreover, since the budget iPhone is not equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens, it is a major drawback when compared to the iPhone 11.

2020 iPhone SE DxOMark

The front-facing camera, on the other hand, is a little better as it secures a post among the top twenty and only behind 16 models that DxOMark tested. The front-facing camera scored 84 points and the results are pretty similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G.

2020 iPhone SE DxOMark

2020 iPhone SE Main Camera Analysis (Photo)

The 2020 iPhone SE features accurate exposure in most lighting conditions along with a great dynamic range in outdoor conditions. The colors are sharp and vivid and photos are pretty detailed. However, the zoom draws poor results at medium and long-range. You will also experience flare and underexposed pictures in low light. In low light conditions, autofocus struggles to hold up and the noise is high when using it without flash. The bokeh performance is inconsistent as well, so you can't always rely on it to produce amazing results.

2020 iPhone SE DxOMark

2020 iPhone SE Main Camera Analysis (Video)

The positives revolve around a lot of aspects mainly accurate exposure and wide dynamic range. Other than this the details are great in both, indoor and outdoor conditions. The noise is well controlled and the colors are pleasant, not too dull and not too bright. Take note that it does struggle in stabilization when walking. White balance tends to struggle in indoor and outdoor conditions and the autofocus tracking is also shaky. Nonetheless, it still produces great video which is pretty usable.

Final Verdict

The final verdict is that we should not forget the fact that the 2020 iPhone SE is priced at $400. Since it is being compared to flagships is a great deal. In my point of concern, the camera performance is pretty solid for its price and anyone who is getting it will not be disappointed in both photo and video quality. We have heard generous praises regarding the device's camera performance and it stands true. What do you think about the 2020 iPhone SE's camera and how DxOMark ranked it?

News Source: DxOMark

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