iPad Air 4 Review Roundup Concludes Apple’s Latest Tablet Being the Best for Most People From Both Features & Price Standpoint

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iPad Air 4 Review Roundup Concludes Apple’s Latest Tablet Being the Best for Most People From Both Features & Price Standpoint

Shortly after the unboxing video showcasing Apple’s iPad Air 4, it didn’t take long for the reviews to come out. In short, the $599 tablet offers tons of features for which you’d have to spend more to experience on the pricier 2020 iPad Pro.

Thankfully, there is a more affordable option that can be had while getting more in return. Sure you’ll have to get used to the fact that the iPad Air 4 doesn’t feature the same thin-bezel design as the latest iPad Pro and it lacks Face ID, not to mention a primary LiDAR sensor, but there are other things to look forward to, which have been highlighted below.

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Six Colors describes the iPad Air 4 as being the tablet for people that don’t use an iPad Pro.

“I think it’s perhaps better to think of the iPad Air as a product for people who are not iPad Pro users, who don’t need to spend for the top-of-the-line iPad Pro features. Instead, the iPad Air is meant to fill a happy middle ground between the bargain-priced iPad and the high-end models. If you want to use the nicer Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard, you don’t need to buy an iPad Pro anymore, and that’s a good thing.”

The Verge states that if you intend on using the iPad Air 4 as a work computer, it should last you for several hours. As for an entertainment tablet, it should effortlessly last you for days.

“Battery life is also exactly what I’ve come to expect from an iPad. It’s possible to drain the battery down if you use it as a work computer, but it will get you to dinner for sure. If you use it more lightly, as an entertainment tablet, you should expect it to go two or three days before needing to worry.”

Engadget also reviewed the iPad Air 4, calling it Apple’s best high-end tablet, until the company introduces the upgraded iPad Pro models rumored to arrive with 5G support and the powerful A14X Bionic chipset.

“With so few differences between the iPad Air and the Pro, I’m forced to reconsider who the Air is for. Last year it was the perfect just-right tablet: it offered more features than the basic entry-level model, but was still more attainable than the premium Pro line. It was the best tablet for most people. This year, I would upgrade Air to the best tablet for almost everyone, and I’d even argue it’s Apple’s best high-end tablet. That is, until Apple upgrades the Pro with a new chip and more advanced display tech, which is almost certainly will.”

You can also check out some of the iPad Air 4 hands-on videos as well as the reviews below.

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