2019 Emoji Trend Report By Adobe Sheds Light On Our Emoji Addiction – What Emoji Are You Addicted To?

Zarmeen Shahzad
Emoji Trend Report

I don’t think I have ever had a chat without using emojis and I am pretty sure many of you use them a lot too. Today is World Emoji Day and to celebrate these amazing little additions to our life, Adobe released its 2019 Emoji Trend Report. Adobe used surveys from a 1000 emoji users in the U.S and put forward a pretty interesting insight on emoji users.

Adobe Emoji Trend Report - An Insight Of Our Crazy Minds

It seems that the laughing face with tears of joy emoji is the most popular, the heart emoji is the second most popular and the blowing kiss emoji is on number 3. Other than this we found that some of the most popular pairings include blowing kiss and heart emoji, heart eyes and blowing kiss, laughing face with tears of joy and rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

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The stats also revealed that 62% of the users, used emojis to make conversations interesting and 42% used them in order to better communicate feelings. For 30% of the users, emojis are a way to paint a clear image of what they are trying to convey, 31% use emojis because they are faster than typing words and 31% use them because it makes them feel that they are better connected to people.

The most popular emojis among women are the heart, blowing kiss and the laughing emoji with tears of joy. For men, the most popular emojis are emoji with a big smile, laughing emoji with tears of joy and the teary emoji. According 93% of the users, emojis lighten the mood of the conversation.

The common opinion in the Emoji Trend Report suggests that people who use emojis are relatively more approachable. When asked about the benefits of emojis, nearly 94% said that it helps communicate where language barriers exist and helps share ideas and thoughts in a matter of seconds. Around 65% users said that they were more comfortable communicating via emojis rather than calls and this was something that was seen to be higher in the Generation Z people.

It seems that emojis are a great favorite at workplaces too. Nearly 61% said that they use emojis at work. 78% believed that they have a great impact on how likeable you are, 63% believed that they impact credibility and 74% said that they made positive news sound more honest and sincere. Surprisingly, 58% of the users claimed that they were more likely to open an email from a brand that used emojis and nearly 44% said that they were more likely to make purchases from places that advertised using emojis.

We Are All Emoji Addicts

76% wanted more emojis related to all things foodie. Companies including Apple are always trying to keep things interesting by adding more and more emojis for users. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good thing to do because no matter how many times we deny it, we are addicted to emojis. If all of a sudden we lost all the emojis, all the emoji addicts will resort to creating emojis out of punctuation marks and alphabets like we used to do before emojis took over!

What do you think about this special day? Do you agree with the Emoji Trend Report? Comment your feelings below in the form of emojis!

News Source: The Cultural Phenomenon of Emoji

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