Unicode 10 Will Add 51 New Emojis To iOS, Check Them Out Here

Apple is prepping its next iOS 10.2 release which is said to add a handful of new emojis to the table. As of now, Unicode Consortium has approved 51 new emojis which is part of the Unicode 10 release. They are said to be published in mid-2007 and includes a lot of new additions ranging from a vampire to a heavily bearded man. Let's see some more details on the Unicode 10 emojis.

Unicode 10 Includes 51 New Emojis, Eventually Coming To iOS

Judging on the bases of the new emojis, they represent the diverse community that uses them. There are a total of 36 new face emojis as part of Unicode 10. They include the "shocked face with exploding head," "smiling face with hand putting on makeup," "face with open mouth vomiting," "grinning face with star eyes" and much more. Other emojis include breastfeeding, palms raised up together and more.

There are also new emojis available for different types of animals. They include the zebra, giraff, hedghog, souropod, cricket and t-rex. These added to the existing list of animal emojis will make up a great list which can then be used at will.

Different type of emojis are added for people as well. For instance the heavily "bearded man" that we mentioned earlier, "person in steamy room," "person in lotus position," " person with headscarf," "person climbing" and a "face with monocle" emoji. So a lot of diversity can be found in this category as well.

Furthermore, other additions also include new food emojis. The variety of food emojis include coconut, a bowl of soup, broccoli, pretzel, pie, sandwich and canned food. It's good to see that the new emojis part of Unicode 10 depicts the changing trend as well as offer more diversity in terms of representing different communities.

Unicode 10

Lastly, there are a bunch of random emojis added in Unicode 10 as well. These emojis are random as part of everyday routine conversation, while some of them are mythical. They include the "Fairy," "Elf," "Genie," "Vampire," "Merperson" and a "Zombie" emoji. As for other random emojis, they include a "Scarf," "Coat," "Socks," 'I Love You Hand Sign" and many others worth checking out.

Unicode 10 emojis will be released in the coming year and will eventually land on iOS. If you're interested in checking out all of these Unicode 10 emojis for yourself, they can be found here.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new Unicode 10 emojis? Which emoji would you have included in Unicode 10? Let us know in the comments.


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