New iMac Refresh With Faster Processors, Improved Displays Coming This Quarter

According to a high-profile industry analyst, Apple is set to refresh its iMac lineup with new processors and improved display panels this quarter. This would be a major upgrade to the iMac lineup since 2013.


Since October of last year, Apple has pushed out a number of 27-inch Retina 5K iMac models, with a recent one hitting the market starting at just $1,999. Before that, the rest of the iMac lineup was last refreshed in September 2013, which means that an update is now long overdue, considering how Apple has pushed out new hardware lately when it comes to its MacBook portfolio.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is going to refresh its iMac lineup with faster processors and better displays this quarter. One thing that remains unclear is if Apple is going to bring the Retina display to its 21.5-inch iMac lineup, once the refresh does make the cut, of course.

Retina display or not, Kuo reveals that the new display will feature better color saturation, something that will be achieved by Apple with a LED phosphor material dubbed as 'KSF.'

According to Kuo:

We believe Apple will introduce new iMac models in 3Q15, which are expected to have key selling points such as more powerful processors and much better display quality. We predict the panel will use a LED phosphor material called KSF to notably boost color saturation.

The current iMac lineup is arguably the best there is from Apple, but with new Intel Skylake processors right around the corner, and Broadwell starting to be made available in a range of desktop and notebook devices, it makes perfect sense for Apple to push out an update this quarter, to keep itself ahead in its hardware game.

It would be a great move from the Cupertino giant's end if it brings the Retina display to the smaller 21.5-inch iMac range. After all, it will give people with tighter budgets a chance to get a taste of a killer display without breaking their bank completely. But who knows, we aren't completely aware of Apple's plans at this point, and it just so might be the case that we would indeed see a Retina 21.5-inch iMac very soon. Or maybe not.

The takeaway point here is a rather simple one: if you've been planning to buy a new iMac, or maybe looking to upgrade your current rig, then we highly recommend that you hold back for a while until Apple reveals its plan for its desktop lineup.


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