15 Minutes of PS4 Pro Gameplay from Prey Demo: Opening Hour

Prey patch 1.01

The Prey demo is now live on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and we've taken it for a spin, capturing fifteen minutes of gameplay on a PlayStation 4 Pro console (1080P mode). There are no details yet on the game's PS4 Pro support and the presence of aliasing indicates that there's no downsampling in action while playing at 1080P resolution; still, the graphics are quite detailed (Prey is powered by CRYENGINE).

This is the very first hour of the game, as suggested by the subtitle you'll notice when downloading the Prey demo. Unfortunately, there are no current plans for a release of this demo on PC, though that might change at a later date - after all, Arkane released a demo for Dishonored 2 a few weeks after its launch.

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Morgan Yu is about to have a very bad day. Aliens have escaped containment, dead bodies now litter the hallways of the Talos I space station, survivors are huddled together for safety, and the Typhon aliens are threatening to destroy everything you hold dear. As Morgan, you’ll have to fight the invasion in order to save humanity. But it all begins with what should have been a typical first day on the job for Morgan.

It quickly takes a dark turn, with aliens hunting down any surviving crewmembers, including you. Should the Typhon reach Earth, life as you know it will end.

For what little I was able to play, the folks at Arkane seem to have delivered on the atmosphere front as well as crafting a game world that's fully interactable with. I reckon it should be a lot of fun after unlocking some of the powers. For a more in-depth preview, check Christian's recent hands-on at a press event.

Arkane's Prey is due to launch on May 5th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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