Windows 10 Growth Almost Stops – Over 1.7 Billion Windows Users Haven’t Yet Upgraded

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At its Surface event last month, Microsoft again boasted about its 400 million Windows 10 users. But since the free upgrade ended, the growth of its newest operating system version has almost stalled. During the last month, the latest Windows version only gained about 0.06% of the desktop market share.

Windows 10 market share stalls ahead of the holiday season

The Netmarketshare's latest stats reveal that Windows 10 now has a 22.59 per cent of the desktop operating system market share, slightly up from September's 22.53 per cent. The folks at the Inquirer report that even with 400 million Windows users, there are about 1.8 billion (yes, billion with a b) Windows users who haven't yet upgraded to the latest operating system.

Analysts had already predicted that Windows 10 growth will become sluggish in the consumer market once the free upgrade offer is over. Even during that first year of free upgrade offer, only about 15 per cent of machines eligible for the upgrade chose to go for the upgrade. There is, of course, a huge number of devices who are yet to make the upgrade in the enterprise market, but the growth at the moment has almost completely stopped.

Several reports consider this as Windows 10 losing its popularity and that people aren't buying Windows 10 machines. However, considering the impending holiday season, we might see an increase in the sales of Windows 10 machines.

While increasingly popular and getting starry reviews, Apple's latest MacBook Pro models are more expensive than ever before to attract any major share of Windows consumers. Microsoft itself didn't help with the prices with the launch of Surface Book and Surface Studio. But, the sales from its OEM partners are expected to help the company in getting more market share for its latest Windows version in these last two months of the year.

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