NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660Ti Headed for Launch in August, Based on GK104 Architecture – Priced at $299

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Alot of rumors have been flooding the net of NVIDIA’s upcoming mid-range GeForce product “GTX 660”, Information from a well know source has revealed that the card would be the last product based on the GK104 core and would launch in early August as indicated months ago.

The GeForce product would be known as the “GTX 660Ti”, previous rumors suggested the NVIDIA would use the 670SE branding though that was false.

GTX 660Ti would also be based on the GK104 core architecture with 7 SMX units enabled, this is the same as GTX 670. Both GPU’s include 1344 Cores however memory would be limited to 1.5GB (1536MB) along a 192-bit interface. Clock frequency would be a bit lower than the 670 so performance deficit would be around 8-10%.

Overall, the GTX 660Ti would be faster than GTX 580 and competitors from AMD’s GCN based 7800 series. Pricing for this part would be set at an MSRP of $299, custom models would cost more. AIB vendors could also come up with custom parts having Vram capacity of 3GB.

In preparation of the launch, NVIDIA has already cut off prices of the GTX 570 for stock clearance and several AMD AIB partners are issuing price cuts on HD 7800 based models.

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Launch of the GTX 660Ti is expected in the first two weeks of August, maybe earlier.

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