MSI Displays Bloodborne For Gaming Motherboard Marketing

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PS4 exclusive Bloodborne has been used by MSI to promote their gaming motherboards on the official MSI website.

MSI bloodborne

MSI uses art from Bloodborne to market their Gaming Certified status on their `true` MSI Gaming Motherboards. The Bloodborne image can be clearly discerned near the bottom of this page. We´ve included the image down below as well.

Our GAMING motherboards are tested in our gaming lab, internet cafes and together with the world’s best eSports players to make sure you get top performance and reliability in the world’s most popular games. Through 24-hour on- and offline game testing, MSI ensures the onboard network configuration, audio reception and FPS performance are tested and tuned to perfection for you to enjoy the best possible gameplay experience.

Only the motherboards that pass this test receive the GAMING CERTIFIED status and are considered true MSI® GAMING motherboards.


MSI bloodborne

Whether this is just a big mistake from an MSI employee is uncertain. Bloodborne is developed by Dark Souls developer, From Software, but the rights to the game are owned by Sony. Bloodborne has always been presented as a PS4 exclusive, so chances are high that the MSI employee meant to place a Dark Souls visual, but placed a Bloodborne image instead. Perhaps the page builder merely looked for a gaming visual on Google, and decided that the one below would suffice.

MSI bloodborne

Of course, there is also the possibility that Sony decided to bring the title to PC, or that a possible Bloodborne sequel will make its way to PC. The Dark Souls series, for instance, isn´t exclusive to Sony´s console.

For now, we´ll take the visual on the MSI page with a heavy grain of salt. In any case, it´s interesting to see a PS4 exclusive displayed to market MSI Gaming motherboards.

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