GALAXY Announces 3 GeForce GTX 660Ti Graphics Card

Sabeeh Qureshi
Aug 16, 2012
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With the NDA only a few minutes away from being lifted off, graphics card manufacturer GALAXY has listed 3 GTX 660 Ti graphics cards on its website. The new cards come in both reference and custom PCB designs.

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The reference card comes with reference clocks and memory which are 915 MHz core/980 MHz boost clocks with memory set at 2 GB GDDR5 across a 192 bit interface.

Whereas the other two listed cards feature a custom PCB and aftermarket GALAXY GPU coolers. Both feature factory overclocked speeds of 1006 MHz core and 1084 MHz boost clock. One is a 2 GB variant while the other is a 3 GB model that caters to possibly two display setups with one card.

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Surprisingly, all the cards are rated at 150W TDP with no effect from the bump in the core clock speed.

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