EVGA Teases ACX Cooler For GeForce GTX 780 and GeForce GTX 770

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May 17, 2013

The largest AIB partner of NVIDIA, EVGA has released a new teaser trailer of their upcoming AXC cooler which would be equipped with the GeForce GTX 780 and GeForce GTX 770 graphic cards launching by in the last week of May.

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EVGA Teases ACX Cooler for GeForce GTX 780 and GTX 770

The ACX “Active Cooling Extreme”cooler teased by EVGA makes use of a dual fan cooling solution with a large aluminum heatsink array that covers the GPU core and electrical components. It should be known that GPUs using this cooled would come with factory overclocks.

We already know what the GeForce GTX 780 would look like and what specifications it would feature. The GTX 780 would be the flagship product of the 700 series and would be based on a cut down version of the GK110 core codenamed “GK110-300-A2″. This core would have 2304 cores and a 3 GB GDDR5 memory which would operate along a 320/384-bit memory interface. The GPU would make use of the cooler from GeForce Titan which would allow for better thermal specs providing users more overclocking headroom. However, EVGA ACX cooling solution would offer even more cooling to the core and would most probably be equipped on custom pcb models.

The pricing is suggested around the 500-600 Euros mark for GeForce GTX 780 while overclocked models which would also be available at launch are going to cost slightly more.

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Reports suggest that the GeForce GTX 780 would be the first GK110 GPU that NVIDIA would allow AIBs to offer with custom board models. So it won’t be a surprise if we get to see an GeForce GTX 780 iGame Kudan in the future. It comes with TXAA, PhysX, Direct X11, SLI and 3D Stereoscopic support which is expected from a NVIDIA GPU.

GeForce GTX TITAN GeForce GTX 780 GeForce GTX 770 GeForce GTX 760 Ti
GPU GK110 GK110 GK104-425 GK104-225
CUDA Cores 2688 2304 1536 1344
TMUs 224 192 128 112
ROPs 48 48 32 32
Interface 384-bit 384-bit 256-bit 256-bit
MSRP $999 $699 $449 $299-$359


The latest reports suggest that the card would end up with a price tag of $699 and would feature around 25-30% performance improvement over the GeForce GTX 680. You can also check out the GeForce GTX 770 here which would replace the GeForce GTX 770 with its similar but faster clocked GK104 core.

GeForce GTX 780