AMD’s Kaveri based 28nm APU Features Steamroller Cores and Compatibility with FM2 Socket

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AMD plans to release its third generation 28nm Kaveri APU’s based on the Steamroller architecture in 2013 which would replace the current Trinity based 32nm APU’s.

These Kaveri based APU’s would consist of 2-4 Steamroller cores (3rd Generation FX) and TDP would be set at a 100W for the Quad APU’s.

AMD also seems to future proof its FM2 socket by allowing compatibility of the Richland APUs with the same socket motherboards with support for DDR3-2133MHz memory and a 4MB L3 Cache. The Top model has the A10 number and is an unlocked K series APU providing support for overclocking. Overall, Richland offers 15-25% increase in Clock-Per-Clock performance.

On the GPU front, Richland would consist of the GCN based 8000 series IGP featuring the same core count as Trinity of 384 but a new architecture which would offer superior performance than a HD 7750. Other features on Richland APUs would include  dual graphics support, AMD turbo core, Blu-ray 3D, AMD –V, Multimedia Video with UVD 3.2, Direct compute and Open CL. An ARM Cortex A5 CPU would also be fused on the APU for HSA purposes.

Launch of Kaveri is expected around 1H of 2013.

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