AMD Hawaii R9-290X GPU ‘Volcanic Islands’ Benchmark Results Exposed – Fastest GPU On the Planet With 1020 MHz Clock Speed

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With AMD’s Hawaii R9-290X GPU leaked, it was only a matter of time before the performance results hit the web and thanks to Chiphell, we now know that Hawaii R9-290X is the fastest GPU in the world beating NVIDIA’s Titan.

Titan vs R9-290X
AMD Hawaii R9-290X GPU ‘Volcanic Islands’ Benchmark Results Exposed

The Hawaii R9-290X GPU is part of the R-200 ‘Volcanic Islands’ Family which is going to make its official debut on Wednesday in Hawaii next week. We have already heard some minor details regarding the Hawaii R9-290X GPU that it will feature a die size larger than Tahiti yet 30% smaller than NVIDIA’s GK110 core. It will be based on a 28nm process and would be available to consumers in mid-October 2013.

Update – The fully enabled Hawaii die features 4 CUs (Compute Units), each CU has 11 SMIDs which amount to 44 SMIDS results in 2816 stream processor count, 176 Texture mapping Units, 44 Raster Operators.

Now we officially know more than that, the R9-290X features a massive die size and a 4 GB memory running across a 512-bit interface. The core clock for the graphics card at default is maintained at 1020 MHz while the memory operates at 1250 MHz. While we would get 4 GB in the reference models, the leaker has also said that we will see 6 GB custom models soon after launch.

The R9-290X is powered by 8-Pin plus 6-Pin connector configurations which denotes a 300W TDP design. The VRM features 5+1+1 phase design (5 Phase Core and 1 Phase memory). The card has two DVI, HDMI and a display port to provide display output. We have almost all the details regarding the Hawaii GPU except the clock speeds and the core configuration which includes stream processors, texture mapping units and raster operators. Detailed look at the specifications below:

AMD Hawaii R9-290X Front



AMD R9-290XAMD R7970GeForce GTX 780GeForce GTX Titan
GPU CodenameHawaiiTahitiGK110GK110
GPU Process28nm28nm28nm28nm
Stream Processors/TMUs/ROPs2816-2560/176/442048/128/322304/192/482668/224/48
Base Clock800 MHz925 MHz863 MHz837 MHz
Turbo Clock1000 MHz +N/A902 MHz876 MHz
Memory Bus512-Bit384-Bit384-Bit384 Bit
Memory Clock1125-1250 MHz5.5 GHz (effective)6 GHz (effective)6 GHz (effective)
Power Configuration8+6 Pin8+6 Pin8+6 Pin8+6 Pin
PCB VRM5+1+15+16+26+2
Die Size424mm2365mm2551mm2551mm2
Launch DateOctober 20138th January 201223rd June May 201321st February 2013
Launch Price$599-$649$549$649$999

In the three tested games, the Hawaii R9-290X came out faster than the GeForce GTX Titan and GeForce GTX 780 except CRYSIS 3. You can see the performance results in the chart below:

AMD Hawaii R9-290X GPU Performance

Game BenchmarkResolutionSettingsGeForce GTX TitanGeForce GTX 780AMD R9-290X Hawaii
Aliens Vs Predator 31600P4xAA59.553.568.8
Battlefield 31600P4xAA, H AA67.263.270.0
Crysis 31600P4x MSAA2624.229
3DMark FirestrikeN/AExtreme475944134698

AMD Hawaii R9-290X PCB

As you can see, the Hawaii R9-290X came out overall faster than the other graphic cards in gaming benchmarks. Ofcourse, since mature drivers aren’t available yet we will be noticing some hiccups in performance but overall the card is the fastest single chip GPU on the planet. Expect more benchmarks soon!

AMD Hawaii PCB

Full preview can be found at UDTeam!

AMD Hawaii R9-290X 3DMark Firestrike Extreme

AMD Hawaii R9-290X Unigine Valley AMD Hawaii R9-290X Unigine Heaven AMD Hawaii R9-290X Tomb Raider AMD Hawaii R9-290X Stalker Call of Pripyat AMD Hawaii R9-290X Metro Last Light AMD Hawaii R9-290X Company of Heroes 2 AMD Hawaii R9-290X Bioshock Infinite AMD Hawaii R9-290X Battlefield 3 AMD Hawaii R9-290X Battlefield 3 AA AMD Hawaii R9-290X Aliens Vs Predators AMD Hawaii R9-290X 3DMark Firestrike

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