ZOTAC Details GeForce GTX 670 TwinCooler Graphics Card

Sure Nvidia’s GTX 670 maybe small in size, but that didn’t stop the green team from making a longer cooler than the actual PCB length itself. However, other manufacturers didn’t tend to follow pursuit and some have come up with their own coolers that are according to the length of the PCB itself. ZOTAC has released the GTX 670 TwinCooler to support that claim.

The card (ZTGTX670-2GD5TCR001/ZT-60305-10P) is approximately 60 mm shorter in length in terms of cooler size with the PCB of the reference GTX 670. The GK104 is cooled off by an aluminum heatsink that is for the memory, VRM and the GPU core itself.

Air cooled by two 80mm fans, the card comes factory overclocked with the GPU base and boost clock set to 954 and 1033 MHz respectively as compared to reference clocks of 915 and 980 MHz. The memory clock too is set at 6208 MHz rather than 6008 MHz.

The card takes power from two 6-Pin connectors and display output wise consists of two dual link DVI, a full HDMI and a DisplayPort. The card is scheduled to launch on June 20th this month.

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