ZODAK Unveils the MOAB II Elite PC Case That Features Built-In Water Cooling!


ZODAK introduces the MOAB II Elite PC case that features a builtin distribution plate and CPU adjustable CPU Water Block and a Shiftable block. Not only does this case feature water-cooling components, but it also features fantastic compatibility for larger graphics cards, even a capacitive touch switch, and this case even features a digital display for real-time water temperature. This allows users to keep a close eye on how cool the PC system.

The MOAB II Elite PC case is a fantastically designed PC case and was built with the water-cooling experts in mind!

The MOAB II Elite PC case features an adjustable CPU water block and a shiftable block. The included CPU water block features a custom adjustable ARGB CPU water block, and the shiftable block together allows this case to be compatible with a majority of gaming motherboards. This fantastic water block, in combination with the distribution plate, enables this case to keep even the hottest of CPUs cool.

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Source: ZADAK

The CPU water block is built using bother copper and aluminum, copper for its higher rate of thermal transfer, while it uses aluminum because of its design and durability. The water block dimension is 88 mm x 88 mm x 20 mm.

This case also features an included radiator to help dissipate the heat from the CPU, and the radiator is made from aluminum. The radiator measures 276 mm x 120 mm x 30 mm, and this is perfect for this case as the radiator is mounted to the backside of the case.

The included distribution plate makes this case perfect for any PC builder that utilizes a custom water-cooling loop. The distribution plate is made out of aluminum and created using ZODAK's patented CNC-milling techniques. This plate removes the need for longer tubing and fittings, and since this distribution plate is made out of aluminum, it optimizes heat dissipation.

MOAB II Elite PC case has two features that are inventive and water-cooling users will enjoy are the Capacitive Touch switch and the Digital Display for Real-Time water temperature. The Capacitive Touch Switch is one of the world's first and only capacitive power on and off switch. This allows users to turn off the machine and quickly turn it on quickly.

Source: ZADAK

This case also features a Digital Display, which shows the real-time temperature of the water, which allows users to easily monitor the system by just simply looking at the display.

This case can even support a graphics card that has a length of up to 280 mm, which allows for high-end gaming in a stylish case with built-in water-cooling features!