MSI’s Next Generation XPOWER AC and MPOWER MAX AC Motherboards Will Feature Built-In Water Cooling Solution

MSI has revealed the pictures of their next generation XPOWER AC and MPOWER MAX AC motherboards which will feature built-in water cooling solutions. The pictures teased by MSI on their Facebook page showcase a new and improved design scheme for the flagship 9-Series chipset based XPOWER and MPOWER motherboards which will be aimed directly towards overclocking enthusiasts while the gaming lineup will be focused towards gamers.MSI XPOWER AC

MSI's Next Generation XPOWER AC and MPOWER MAX AC Motherboards Pictured

Now, we have talked a lot regarding the MSI 9-Series motherboard lineups over the past few weeks since they have been releasing teasers on their Facebook page and even displayed some prototypes of their Next Gen chipset motherboards during CeBIT 2014. Well those were just prototypes and we couldn’t really make up as to exactly what features do these new boards support. From the few teaser images, we did make up that the new boards will come with interesting design and new features V-Check Points 2, OC Engine, Military Class IV components, Delid Die Guard (XPOWER AC), M.2 interface, Audio Boost 2 and last but not least, new design schemes.

So let’s get on with the OC 9-Series Motherboard lineup from MSI which includes a total of 6 motherboards listed below:


MSI XPOWER AC (9-Series Chipset) Motherboard - The High Performance OC Board

MSI’s next-gen and massively feature packed XPOWER AC will have the latest Delid Die Guard which will protect the CPU die and the PCB after the heatspreader has been removed from the processor. This feature will obviously help overclockers alot who want to break world records. We can also see a teaser of MSI XPOWER AC from the teaser shot which features a yellow and black color theme just like its predecessor, the Z87 XPOWER which was a top of the line motherboard.

Now the most interesting thing about the new board is that it will feature built-in water cooling support which is copper based and allows existing or non-existing users with water-cooled looped pipe setups to gain more cooling performance. This will help cool the MOSFETs and VRMs situated underneath the large XPOWER AC heatsink that is a neat new design which features a 32 Phase VRM for unprecedented overclocking performance and stability. It is powered by an 8-Pin plus 4-Pin connector configuration.We can't tell you what other features these boards support but you can get a good look at the top section of the XPOWER AC board in the picture provided below:

MSI MPOWER MAX AC - Overclocking Maxed Out

The second board which will feature the new and improved MSI built-in water cooling technology is the MPOWER MAX AC which features a 24 Phase VRM powered by an 8-Pin plus 4-Pin connector configuration. The V-Check Point 2 and OC switches can be found right next to the DDR3 DIMMs. Expansion slots include three PCI-e 3.0 x16 and four PCI-e 3.0 x1 slots. The board has 8 SATA 6 GB/s ports and a M.2 PCIe SSD interface near the lower PCI-e expansion slots. Another 6-Pin power connector located near the top most PCI-e slot provides additional power to the expansion slots while using multiple graphics cards. You can get a good look at the top section of the MPOWER MAX AC board in the picture provided below:

MSI 9-Series OC Lineup Additional Features:MSI Z97 XPOWER AC Delid Die Guard MSI Z97 XPower MPower V-Check Point 2

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