Zelda Breath Of The Wild To Receive Small Performance Improvements With Cemu 1.7.5

Zelda Breath of the Wild

The developers of the Wii U emulator Cemu have done some excellent work in the past few weeks, making The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild almost playable from beginning to end. Work is obviously continuing on the project, and it seems like more improvements are inbound.

On the Cemu Patreon page, as spotted by reddit user blockanton developer Exzap has been asked about possible improvements for Zelda Breath Of The Wild in version 1.7.5. While there won't be any significant improvement, optimizations may lead to some small improvements.

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Despite some small issue, some of them fixed with recently released updates, The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild is not only one of the best entries in the series, but also one of the best open world games of recent times. In his review, Dave noted that the game has set a new bar for open world titles, making Breath of the Wild a must play for all gamers.

Minor technical problems aside, this is one of gaming’s greatest and most storied series returning with something we’ve never seen before. Breaking all the conventions of the series, and even a few general gaming conventions, Breath of the Wild is essential for any self-respecting gamer. A new bar has been set in open world gaming.

Zelda Breath of the Wild is now available on Switch and Wii U in all regions. Additional content will release during the year.

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