YouTube for Android Testing Comment Section Redesign


Over the years, YouTube has been a host to a bevy of UI changes. We take many of them granted as a part of our daily experience, while others are just plain ugly. These changes are often tested via a server-side switch and made available to only a handful of users. Today, a Reddit user was at the receiving end of one of the changes on the YouTube app for Android. Until now, the comments were placed at the very bottom of each video underneath recommendations so that you can steer clear of them because we all know how a YouTube comment section looks like.

YouTube for Android repositions the location of the comment section


As you can see above, the changes are the result of a server-side update that revamps the comments section completely. The YouTube app for Android now displays comments directly underneath a video’s description. It shows a total number of comments as well as a preview of some of the comments. There’s also a button to expand the comments section. Interestingly, the option to add a comment is hidden somewhere within the depths.

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Google also added a message at the very bottom of the page to say that comments have moved. It is essential for prolific commenters who swipe down automatically due to muscle memory. Thankfully, these changes are available only to a few users. We shouldn't expect to see them rolling out en-masse anytime soon. Google will very likely ask said users for their feedback before enabling it for everyone. Personally, I like this new style better. The comment section on most YouTube videos is a veritable goldmine and they're better off like this. Currently, only some users running YouTube for Android v14.45.52 are able to see these changes.

Do let us know in the comments if you're at the receiving end of these changes.

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