YouTube Could Bring Language Selector in Voice Search


YouTube is doing everything it possibly can to make the overall user experience a lot better and cohesive for users al around the world. The company recently brought out an all-in-one record and publish option in the YouTube app. However, the company is experimenting with another feature that is going to be very useful for multilingual people

YouTube is currently working on a button that allows you to switch voice search languages on the input screen. For anyone who is multilingual and prefers using voice search, this feature will allow you to search for videos that are not available in the default language that has been set up for YouTube app.

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YouTube Could Make it Easier for Multilingual People to Search for Videos

YouTube is aiming to help the voice search button become a lot better for people who speak multiple languages. This is great because this can easily help people who have accents or speak multiple languages.

Just like the pattern with most of the experimental features, the voice search feature is also rolling out to a number of users. If you head over to the voice input screen, you will be greeted with a blue banner that will show you more details about how this works. As per YouTube, this selector is currently available for the following languages. The languages on top are Uzbek, Punjabi, Burmese, and Estonian.

Hopefully, as this feature becomes widely available, we will be seeing YouTube supporting more and more languages in the future to better cater to its consumers.

Do you think YouTube's decision to add this support is going to be good? The app is currently available on both Android and iOS but the feature is rolling out to a subset of users. But you can still download and see if you have received it.