YI Discounts Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras to Ridiculously Low Prices, 2-Pack for Just $50.99


Add a layer of security to your property with a YI indoor or outdoor camera. Today several options are discounted including a 2-pack for just $50.99.

There are so many security cameras to choose from now and choice is obviously a good thing. But, when it comes to price only, it's hard to beat companies like YI. Not only they make excellent products, but they nail the price as well.

Today, the company is giving everyone a chance to own a piece of YI at a very discounted rate. You have three options in total: one's an indoor security camera, one's an outdoor security camera while the third one's a 2-pack of the indoor option.

Both the cameras on discount can record video in 1080p, feature two-way talk feature, night vision, a wide field of view and best of all: they work wirelessly, meaning you don't have to run extra cables just to get the camera to show you a live feed remotely. There are even activity alerts baked right in so you don't miss anything unusual at all. Basically, these cameras are packed with all the features which you'd expect from this product category, which is a good thing.

If you are interested in the cameras, you can check them out in the links below. Remember to use the discount code at checkout in order to get the promised price cut.