Yes, WhatsApp is Down Right Now – Some Users Can’t Send Images, Videos, Voice Messages at All [Update]


It is not just you, WhatsApp is actually down right now for a lot of users, with many unable to send or receive media files at all.

WhatsApp First Outage of 2020 in Full Swing - Texts Going Through Fine, Photos, Videos, Voice Messages Completely Broken

At the time of writing, WhatsApp is facing an outage where many users are facing a problem where they can't send photos, videos, voice messages or even update their status. If you are sticking with text messages only, they will go through just fine.

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The problem started a while back where users started to notice that they are unable to send or receive photos, videos or even voice messages. In fact, I was a victim of this problem too and thought my cellular service provided might be at fault. But that's not the case at all here.

A quick walk through the beautiful park of opinions otherwise known as Twitter reveals a new hashtag called #WhatsAppDown where people are sharing how the service is failing to work for them. Interestingly, if you use the service for sending texts only then today will be an ordinary day for you. Attempt to send a photo, video or a voice message and everything will crumble down. Same goes for status updates.

There's no telling what exactly is the problem with the Facebook-owned service, but we are certain that everything will be back up to speed in no time. Meanwhile, you can post about the problem on the social network of your choice.

Update: It appears as though the service is being restored. We just sent a meme to someone and it went through just fine.

Update 2: Everything is back to normal now.

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