Sony To Strip Fingerprint Scanner From US Versions Of Xperia XZ Premium & Others


Sony announced four new smartphones at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) event in Barcelona. Among these new phones, the Xperia XZ Premium is the most sought after because of its 4K HDR screen. Not just display, even concerning hardware, the Xperia Premium comes powered by the new Snapdragon 835 chipset. Despite all the goodness, the US version for the Xperia XZ Premium lacks one compelling feature - fingerprint scanner.

In fact, all the new Sony Xperia phones come without fingerprint scanner for the US version. It is worth noting that the same phones carry fingerprint scanner for other regions, but for the US, Sony decided to strip this feature. The company has not come up with a convincing reason for doing this, yet.

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This move by Sony could have long-lasting adverse effects on its new Xperia lineup in the US. Fingerprint scanner has become an important feature on a smartphone since two years, and users have also become accustomed to using it for unlocking their smartphones quickly and safely. Also, with the rise of fingerprint-based payment services, it seems suicidal for Sony to not include the feature on US versions.

Sony has not been doing well in the US market, and by making such decisions, the company might witness higher losses. Sony is tagging it under "business decision." We can't help but think why fingerprint scanner was chosen to be axed among all the other features? And why only for US versions?

A few months ago, in a report by TechRadar, Sony's senior director of marketing, Don Mesa was quoted saying:

"It was essentially a business decision we needed to make as we transitioned from the carrier market to the unlocked market. In the quick transition, there were a lot of factors that surprised us in terms of areas we needed to check off to enter the unlocked market."

It is worth pointing out that not only Sony but other manufacturers like Samsung also make changes in their smartphones variants depending on the regions. Samsung had been using Snapdragon processors for its US variants of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 lineup and Exynos processors for regions like India.

As for Sony, the new Xperia lineup would be the third series to come to the US without fingerprint scanner. We are expecting to hear a valid reason from Sony about the business decision.