XIGMATEK Announces the Perseus PC Case, Which Features an Open-Frame Design


XIGMATEK has announced an open-frame PC case that features a broad range of compatibility such as support for ATX sized motherboards. The open-frame case is called the Perseus and is built using high-quality material with superior hardware protection; this case feature as tempered glass side panels to easily show the internal components. This case also features support for up to six 120 mm fans, and these wide array fans allow for a large cooling capacity when compared to closed-frame cases.

XIGMATEK has announced a new open-frame PC case, called the Perseus PC case. This case features support for six 120 mm fans as well as a VGA length of up to 400 mm.

The Perseus PC case features compatibility for both liquid and air cooling, and this case features support for up to six 120 mm fans. The fan supports two 120 mm fans mounted to the front of the case, two fans located in the back of the case, and two 120 mm fans that are mounted to the top of the case. For liquid cooling, this case features support for a 240 mm radiator mounted to the top of the case and a 120 mm radiator located in the rear of the case.

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The Perseus PC case also offers broad compatibility providing support for a graphics card length of up to 400 mm, a CPU cooler height of 170 mm, and a PSU length of up to 180 mm. This case also features support for two 2.5" SSDS or one 3.5" HDD located on the front of the case while another SSD mounting location is located behind the motherboard panel. This case can also support a full-size ATX motherboard, an mATX motherboard as well as a mini-ITX motherboard.

The front IO for this case is two USB 3.0 ports located next to an HD Audio Jack, the power button and the reset button. One fantastic point to this case is its design, being and open-frame case means that even fully assembled thee is ways for sound and air to hit the components without having to go through one of the intake fans, this measures 610 mm x 230 mm x 540 mm. At the time of writing, XIGMATEK hasn't announced any pricing for this PC case.