Xiaomi is Working on a New Battery Tech That Would Offer Higher Capacity at the Same Volume

Furqan Shahid
Xiaomi is Working on a New Battery Tech That Would Offer Higher Capacity at the Same Volume
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Although the methods of charging your phones have evolved a lot, the same cannot be said about smartphone batteries as they have largely remained unchanged. But now it seems like Xiaomi is up to something and they might have a better solution. Based on a recent post on Weibo, the company has announced its upcoming High-Silicon Lithium battery tech that promises increased capacity at the same value.

Xiaomi is Working on Making Smartphone Batteries Smaller and More Efficient

According to Xiaomi, the new High-Silicon battery technology features three times the silicon content on the negative electrodes when compared to the existing lithium-ion batteries and the new packing technology that shrinks the control circuits. This results in the ability to pack 10 percent more capacity in the same amount of volume.

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You can see this in the attached image below; the new battery pack is a bit smaller than the normal lithium-ion batteries that we see, even though the capacity being offered is the same.

While looking at it, a 10% increase might not sound like it is a lot, the higher capacity batteries will give smartphone manufacturers to offer better capacities without having to make any room for the battery they are adding into the phone, and making the phones thinner, or well, adding more components in it. Xiaomi has also claimed that the high silicon battery can also increase the battery life by 100 minutes, so the efficiency factor is also there.

The company has claimed that it will start mass-producing the new batteries in the second half of 2022. This means that we can expect to see them on the phones any time soon. The upcoming Xiaomi 12 might also not come with the new high silicon battery.

Honestly, phone batteries have been the same for as long as one can remember, but this new innovation could bring about the change we have been waiting for. Let us know what you think about the new battery technology.

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