Xiaomi is Currently Working on a ‘Pure Mode’ to Restrict Sideloading Apps

Xiaomi is Currently Working on a 'Pure Mode' to Restrict Sideloading Apps
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Ever since I picked up my first Android phone, the idea of sideloading apps has been one o the best ones out there. It also acts as one of the most sought-after features of the Android ecosystem and one of the biggest differences between iOS and Android. However, the whole concept of sideloading does not come without its fair share of risks. Sideloading a malicious APK can cause severe damage to your device and can introduce malware too. Xiaomi is reportedly testing a new feature called "Pure Mode." within the MIUI that will restrict sideloading to get rid of this issue.

Xiaomi is Bringing Pure Mode That Will Seemingly Make Their Smartphones More Secure Against Unofficial APK Installs

According to ITHome, Xiaomi is recruiting internal beta testers for MIUI's Pure Mode. This feature is going to allow the users to block sideloading of Android apps on their Xiaomi phones. Once enabled, users will not be able to install APKs from unofficial sources and app repositories. The good thing is that you can disable the Pure Mode at any point.

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While introducing the Pure mode beta, Xiaomi has stated that 40% of the APKs downloaded on its phones do not pass the company's security audit, and 10% of the downloads are recognized as risky applications.

The main purpose of having the Pure Mode is to prevent risks caused by accidental APK downloads, misoperations, and background installations. It will serve as a way to give users more control over the apps that they choose to install on their phones and ensure that they are getting those apps willingly and from legitimate sources.

Currently, there is no word on when the new Pure Mode will make its debut on MIUI. The beta testing is currently restricted to China, but we will keep you posted as this update rolls out to other regions.

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