Xiaomi To Get A Special Deal From Intel Regarding Notebook Processors – Huge Chip Discount Inbound?

In order to target the notebook market and build itself another product portfolio in the process, Xiaomi has teamed up with Intel in order to power up its future laptops, which are going to be announced during the second quarter of 2016, and enter mass production during the first quarter of the same year. Currently, it looks like Intel is going to give a nice discount package to Xiaomi, because the largest manufacturer of desktop and laptop processors has bagged a huge client.

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Intel To Give Xiaomi A Huge Concession On The Company’s Mobility Processors – Haswell To Be A Part Of The Company’s Notebook Lineup

According to a source, after Intel successfully teamed up with Xiaomi in incorporating the company’s Mi Pad 2, which is powered by Intel’s Atom x5-Z8500 chip, the chip manufacturer decided to give a special deal to the rising smartphone manufacturer, most likely as a gesture of good faith and a chance at future partnerships. This has been stated thanks to the following:

“To strengthen its partnership with China-based Xiaomi in the mobile device market, Intel has provided special deals to the China-based vendor. For every notebook processor Xiaomi purchases, Intel is giving away a free tablet processor, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.”

The source has stated that the upcoming notebook, which currently does not feature a product name of any sort, is going to be released during the second quarter of 2016, and will be featuring Intel’s Haswell lineup of processors.


While it does not state which processors are going to be incorporated in the machines, we did state that thanks to a leak, these notebooks are going to be running Core-i5 and Core-i7 mobility processors. Let us hope that a Core M processor model is not a part of the lineup otherwise it will mean severe compromise in performance. One other thing that we should mention is that we are glad to see that a mobile SoC is not going to be a part of the configurations. While it will keep the costs low and power consumption factorial much less compared to what mobile processors consume, its performance will obviously not what you would expect.


However, one notable difference between the Xiaomi laptop and its future competitors will be that it will have a design very similar to what Apple’s uses for its MacBook Air lineup, and it will comprise up of metal. According to the source, the starting price of the notebook is going to be 2,999 Yuan, which is equivalent to $465. We suspect that this is obviously going to be for the Core-i5 model, but if the Core-i7 possesses a smaller price difference, then this particular model is going to stir up a lot of trouble for its competitors, including Lenovo. Are you excited for the release of Xiaomi’s first ever notebook? Let us know your thoughts.


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