Xiaomi Laptop Specifications Show An Impressive And Affordable Machine Incoming


There have been several leaks concerning the upcoming affordable notebook from Xiaomi. From what we know so far, the machine is going to be announced during the second quarter of 2016, meaning that it will commence mass production during the first quarter of 2016. Now, we have more information concerning the product, along with its screen size and most probably its overall weight.

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Xiaomi laptop Dimensions Show That The Affordable Notebook Is Going To Take On Surface Book And Apple’s 12 Inch MacBook

According to a Chinese source, the Xiaomi laptop is going to be sporting a screen size in between the range 12.5 inches to 13.3 inches, allowing it take on machines such as Microsoft’s Surface Book and Apple’s 12 inch MacBook. Additional information states that the mass production month is most probably going to be April, with Xiaomi’s chief manufacturer being a British firm that has installed its plant in Shanghai.

As for the specifications of the notebook, we previously stated that the Xiaomi laptop is going to be available to purchase in two processor models; a Core-i5 model and a Core-i7 one. We sincerely hope that a Skylake Core-M processor variant is not going to be in the works, since that will compromise heavily on performance. One other thing that we should mention is that we are glad to see that a mobile SoC is not going to be a part of the configurations. While it will keep the costs low and power consumption factorial much less compared to what mobile processors consume, its performance will obviously not what you would expect.


However, one notable difference between the Xiaomi laptop and its future competitors will be that it will have a design very similar to what Apple’s uses for its MacBook Air lineup, and it will comprise up of metal. According to the source, the starting price of the notebook is going to be 2,999 Yuan, which is equivalent to $465. We suspect that this is obviously going to be for the Core-i5 model, but if the Core-i7 possesses a smaller price difference, then this particular model is going to stir up a lot of trouble for its competitors, which includes Lenovo.

So when exactly can we expect the notebook from Xiaomi; most likely during the second quarter of 2016. Regardless, how do you find the latest specifications of the upcoming machine? Let us know your thoughts.