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First Liquid Cooled AMD Radeon R9 Fury Non-X Coming Soon – This Or A Fury X?


How Will XFX Convince Buyers To Go For Its Fury Over A Fury X?

How Can XFX's Liquid Cooled R9 Fury Compete With The R9 Fury X ?

The Fury and Fury X competing ? how's that really possible ? Well only $100 sits between the R9 Fury X and the R9 Fury. Adding an expensive liquid cooling solution to the Fury will bring its MSRP almost uncomfortably close to the Fury X. We've just given an example of how it added $90 to the MSRP of the GTX 980 Ti and if it does the same to XFX's R9 Fury it's going to be a very tough sell.

There are however a few things that XFX can do to make its liquid cooled R9 Fury more attractive. One obvious play is to push the clock speeds. With ample thermal headroom enabled by the liquid cooling solution and no restrictions from AMD on R9 Fury designs, XFX can achieve really astounding factory overclocks.

One other play in XFX's cards - excuse the pun - is to sacrifice some of its own profit margin to bring the card at a more attractive price point and distance it from the $650 R9 Fury X. But realistically speaking, I can't see the card coming out at much less than $599. However, with an aggressive factory overclock XFX might be able to push the card's performance to a level that matches or even exceeds that of the Fury X. And with an MSRP that's lower than that of its bigger brother, this R9 Fury might appeal to enough gamers to make it a win.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this card, does it make sense? Would you buy a liquid cooled Fury if it was slightly cheaper than the Fury X? What if it was as fast as a Fury X, does that make it a better deal?

WCCFTechAMD Radeon R9 Fury X2AMD Radeon R9 Fury XAMD Radeon R9 NanoAMD Radeon R9 FuryAMD Radeon R9 290X
GPU Fiji XT x 2 Fiji XT Fiji XT Fiji ProHawaii XT
Stream Processors8192 4096 409635842816
GCN Compute Units128 64 64 5644
Render Output Units12864646464
Texture Mapping Units512256256224176
GPU FrequencyTBAUp to 1050MhzUp to 1000 MHzUp to 1000 MHz1000Mhz
Memory8GB HBM (4 GB Per Chip) 4GB HBM 4GB HBM 4GB HBM4GB GDDR5
Memory Interface 4096-bit x 2 4096bit 4096bit 4096bit512bit
Memory Frequency500Mhz500Mhz500 MHz500Mhz1250Mhz
Effective Memory Speed 1Gbps 1Gbps1Gbps 1Gbps5Gbps
Memory Bandwidth1024 GB/s512GB/s512GB/s512GB/s320GB/s
CoolingLiquidLiquid, 120mm RadiatorAir, Single Fan. Custom AIB Solutions LaterAir, Custom AIB SolutionsAir, Single Blower Fan
Performance (SPFP)17.2 TFLOPS8.6 TFLOPS8.19 TFLOPS 7.2 TFLOPS 5.6 TFLOPS
Power ConnectorsDual 8-PinDual 8-Pin8-PinDual 8-Pin6+8 Pin
New PricesTBA$649$499$549$299 (Retail)
Launch DateEarly 201624th June 20157th September 201510th July 201524th October 2013