Microsoft Announces New Wireless Xbox Series X|S Pulse Red Controller With Multi-Color Design


Microsoft has announced a new entry in its Xbox Series X|S controller offerings – the ‘Pulse Red’ wireless controller.

The new multi-color controller will be joining the current next-gen controller lineup, including the Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue wireless controllers. As you might have guessed, the controller comes in fiery-red with a white rear and matte black bumpers and triggers.

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“The new Pulse Red controller brings the same energy and equally striking color as the Shock Blue”, Microsoft writes. “Matte black triggers, bumpers, and hybrid D-pad reduce slip against sweaty fingers and thumbs for greater control, while a textured dot pattern on the triggers and bumpers to keep your grip locked in. Dynamic Latency Input delivers controller inputs more frequently to your Xbox Series X|S for a more responsive gaming experience and seemingly instantaneous action.”

The new Pulse Red controller will become available starting February 9th for $64.99 USD. Those in China will be available to purchase the new wireless controller starting tomorrow. Microsoft advises those interested to check local retailers for availability.