Xbox Series X/S Doesn’t Offer WiFi 6 or a USB-C Port Like the PlayStation 5 Does

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When a new console comes out, most people focus on the big headline features – CPU and GPU speed, storage, the controller – but the little things matter too, and it seems the PlayStation 5 outdoes the Xbox Series X/S when it comes to a few of those little things. Microsoft recently released the full spec sheet for the Xbox Series X/S and it seems they’ve skimped a bit when it comes to WiFi and USB ports.

The Xbox Series X/S will utilize the fifth-generation WiFi (802.11ac) standard, while the PS5 will use WiFi 6 (802.11ax). WiFi 6 offers a maximum download speed of 9.6gbps, while WiFi 5 maxes out at 6.9gbps. Now, these top speeds only theoretical, as you’re lucky to achieve downloads a tenth that fast under real-world conditions. That said, it’s the comparison that’s useful – the PS5 should be able to download things via WiFi around 30 percent faster than the Xbox Series X/S. WiFi 6 is also said to be more stable in WiFi-congested areas, so those trying to play online wirelessly in apartment blocks or public places will hopefully have less problems.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft's spec sheet also reveals the Xbox Series X/S will have three USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, while the PlayStation 5 will sport both a USB-C and a standard port. A USB-C cable can transfer more information than a standard UBC cable (up to 10gbps), but the reason most gamers ought to be interested in them is they can transfer more power, allowing you to charge controllers and other devices more quickly. It’s been confirmed the the PS5's DualSense controller and the Xbox Series X/S controller have a USB-C port for charging.

Again, this is relatively minor stuff – I very much doubt anybody is going to choose their next-gen console based on WiFi and USB ports, but still, these are little quality-of-life things to keep in mind.

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