Xbox Series X Controller Ergonomics, Cross-Compatibility, and Ultra-Low Latency Detailed

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Today Microsoft fully pulled the curtain back on the Xbox Series X, unveiling the console’s full specs, and at the same time they also revealed some new details about the system’s new controller. For the most part, the new gamepad looks to be and evolutionary step forward, with Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers being fully cross-compatible. Your old Xbox One accessories won’t be left behind either, as you’ll be able to connect them all to the new controller. Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy support, connecting the controller to a wide variety of PC, Android, and iOS devices should also be easier than ever.

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In terms of actual physical design, the Xbox Series X controller has been subtly redesigned to accommodate a wider ranger of players, particularly those with smaller hands, such as young kids. The system’s new d-pad is partially inspired by the Xbox One Elite controller’s facetted dish design, and should be easier on the thumb overall. Oh, and the controller finally has a dedicated share button – better late than never on that one, Microsoft!

Ultimately, the controller’s biggest technical innovation is DLI (Dynamic Latency Input), which should make for some of the most responsive console gaming yet seen. Microsoft has spoken a bit about DLI in the past, but they’ve now provided a few more details…

Another area in which gamers are always looking for connectivity improvements is reducing latency. We’re introducing a system-wide set of improvements we call Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), which includes specific technology in the console and the HDMI connection to your TV. And it all starts with the controller. Essentially, information is sent more frequently from the controller and matched with exact frames of your game on-screen. The result: we shave off precious milliseconds at every step of gameplay, and actions are even more instantaneous.

What are your thoughts on the Xbox Series X controller? Digging the new design or is Microsoft playing it a bit too conservative?

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