Xbox One March Preview Gets Another Update Fixing Screenshot Issue

Abdullah Awan

Once before, we actually have covered news about the Xbox One March update where we brought to you several new features of the console including the screenshot capability which allows you to take screenshots of your Xbox One by tapping the Xbox button twice and then the Y button to save it into your storage. Alternatively, if you own an Xbox Kinect, you simply say  “Xbox Take a Screenshot” to take and save the screenshot. But this is old news and you can read about all of these previously released preview features here. Recently, a new update has been released for the same version of the Xbox One update which improves the consoles screenshot taking ability and the maximum storage size for a background image has also been upgraded to 5 Megabytes.

Here are the New Xbox One Update Release Notes

Obtained directly from the preview forums, following you will find the patch update release notes which is basically a comprehensive study on the improvements and capabilities that the new update brings:


OS version released: xb_rel_1503.150227-2000
Available: 6:00PM PT 3/1 (2AM GMT 3/2) 


  • Changed RGB Levels for Screenshots: A change to output screenshots in RGB Full for improved clarity when viewed on a PC.
  • Increased background image maximum size. The maximum size for background images on your dashboard has been increased to 5MB. This change will eliminate some errors users saw when attempting to set screenshots as backgrounds.  


  • Screenshots Quests: We've uploaded 3 new Quests for you to let us know how Screenshots is working for you, so check them out! Additionally, these quests are worth an extra 10 Preview Points each until 3/5, so now’s your chance to add to your Preview Point total!"

Previously, there were several complaints from users about the unadjusted RGB levels when viewing the taken screenshots of the Xbox One on a PC and it looks like Microsoft listened and fixed it tagging it as "Improved clarity" for viewing on PC. The maximum size for the background images on the dashboard has also been increased to a maximum of 5 Mb's now allowing users to freely set screeshots as backgrounds which in some cases increased the maximum limit of the consoles background. And alongside all this, you also have the capability to earn an extra 30 Preview points which is always a bonus fans are happy to see.

All the improvements are pretty minor but no one can argue that they weren't necessary as they solved some very irritating issues the Xbox One gamers would have faced. Although the update is now live yet for preview personnel but it soon will be given that the update is for March and March already it is. Microsoft does not have a large time to waste in releasing the updates.

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