Xbox Lockhart Supports Ray Tracing, Verge Journalist Claims; Reiterates CPU is Faster Than That of the PS5

Aernout van de Velde
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Microsoft’s rumored Xbox Lockhart is said to support ray tracing, according to reputable Verge journalist, Tom Warren.

Last week, Warren reported that the CPU inside the yet to be announced ‘budget’ version of the Series X will be clocked at the same speed as its bigger brother. Microsoft has yet to confirm the existence of Lockhart, but all rumors point to a reveal in the coming months. According to the journalist, the ‘Xbox Series S’ is supposed to sport 7.5GB of usable memory and a 4 TFLOP GPU.

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Following comments from the community stating that ‘Lockhart’ will hold back the next-gen consoles, Warren has again taken to Twitter to state that this won’t be the case at all. In fact, not only did the journalist reiterate that the CPU inside Xbox Lockhart will be faster than that of the CPU inside the PS5 but just like the Series X, the ‘Xbox Series S’ is also supposed to support hardware Ray Tracing.

“I guess we should start worrying about the PS5 holding back next-gen gaming in your world then”, Warren replied when someone said that developers will downgrade their games with Lockhart in mind.

As said, Microsoft has yet to announce Lockhart, but interestingly, references to the project were found in Microsoft’s latest game development kit release notes. Rumors suggest that the console will be an all-digital console selling for half the price of the Xbox Series X, which is said to be sold around $400 USD. Microsoft is said to make up for the losses it makes on its next-gen consoles by receiving a higher cut of game sales and more subscriptions.

Whether Microsoft’s Lockhart Project is the real thing, but if so, we’ll likely hear more about the console during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X event next month. As always, we’ll keep you posted.

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