Xbox Game Pass Is The Beginning Of A Transition Where People Will Be Able To Play Anywhere

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella recently talked about the company's gaming business during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco, talking about the Xbox Game Pass as the beginning of an important transition.

Satya Nadella commented during the conference that they are very happy about the gaming business of the company, noting how building Xbox Live as a network with subscription services is a huge opportunity for them. Additionally, he said that the Xbox Game Pass is only the beginning of an important transition where the console and PC are going to be important, and so will the ability to play anywhere.

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That’s where we’re going, whether it is with our subscription offerings with Game Pass, whether it’s with Mixer, which is growing very rapidly, in terms of streaming, or eSports franchises around our first-party games. So I think we have many, many leverages there. But fundamentally, it comes from that heritage of having been in the gaming business for multiple decades at this point and built up that capability in a world where we now have the ability to take that and have it service a much broader marketplace than ever before.

The Xbox Game Pass grants access to a variety of games for a subscription fee. All major releases from Microsoft Studios starting from Sea of Thieves will also be available at launch on the service

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