Xbox Game Pass or Console Future Price Increase Hinted by Phil Spencer

Ule Lopez
Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Series X|S and the popular service that offers a grand catalog of games, Xbox Game Pass have become staples in the industry. However, it seems like not even this brand is safe from the tough call of having a price increase. While there wasn't a specific outlet that would be increased, there's still the possibility that either could see an increase in the future, according to Phil Spencer.

This was said during today's WSJ Live, where Phil Spencer stated that Xbox Game Pass or console prices might be increased in the future. As spotted by Tom Warren, the Xbox executive, stated, "I do think at some point we'll have to raise the prices on certain things, but going into this holiday, we thought it was important to maintain the prices."

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Now, which one of the two would be increased? The most natural guess would be the console, as PlayStation increased the price of its next-gen console by $50 across several regions. Of course, that doesn't discount the possibility of an increase in the price of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. While the service continues to see new users joining it, its price can be increased.

Still, this may contradict Microsoft's plans of making the service more appealing to broader audiences. Especially considering that the company responsible for Xbox has paid upwards to $2.5 Million to feature games on Xbox Game Pass, all while trying to emulate Genshin Impact's success for PlayStation.

This is still a ways off in terms of the date, as Spencer stated that the price would remain the same throughout the Holiday Season. Will the prices of the console or Xbox Game Pass service change after the turn of the New Year? Or perhaps it will happen at some point throughout 2023? We'll continue to report on this story as more developments happen.

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