Xbox Developer Direct Rumored to Deliver Forza, Redfall News Soon, Starfield May be Missing

Nathan Birch
Xbox Forza Motorsport

2022 was a bit of a barren year for Xbox fans, not just in terms of releases, but in terms of updates from Microsoft and its developers. Well, it seems 2023 may be starting on a better note. Rumors have been bouncing around that we may see a new Xbox showcase early this year, and Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg has stepped in to do some teasing of his own.

Meanwhile, Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who has a long history of leaking Microsoft info, has come forward with more details about a potential January Xbox showcase. According to Corden, the show will be an “Xbox Developer Direct” (stylized as Developer_Direct), a new format somewhat similar to a Nintendo Direct or Sony State of Play. In other words, don’t expect a huge blowout show, but Microsoft is aiming to get news out to fans on a more regular basis, rather than saving it all up for those big shows like E3 or The Game Awards.

Per Corden, the show will focus on some upcoming games we already know about, including the new Forza Motorsport, Arkane’s open-world vampire game Redfall, and Blackbird Interactive’s action-strategy title Minecraft Legends. Expect an “intimate” look at these games, so look forward to actual gameplay, rather than quickie cinematic trailers. One thing you shouldn’t get too hyped for, is a new look at Starfield, as Corden says that may be saved for a “bigger marketing beat later on.”

Of course, take this with a grain of salt until Microsoft actually confirms something. That said, it would certainly make sense for Xbox to take the “Direct” approach with their marketing. It’s worked well for Nintendo and Sony and would do a lot to combat the largely-false perception that Microsoft doesn’t have anything for Xbox owners in the works.

The Xbox Developer Direct is rumored to drop on January 25 Assuming these rumors pan out, what are you looking forward to seeing during the showcase?

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