Xbox One Console Bundle with Bonus Controller and Game Available at Walmart


Walmart, of all places, has a very good deal on the Xbox One at the moment. They have three base bundles available and they'll throw in an extra controller and an extra game for free.

500GB and 1TB Xbox One bundles come with an extra controller and game at Walmart.

They're offering both colors of the Gears of War special edition Xbox One for $349 as well as the 500GB Lego Movie and the 1TB Madden NFL 16 bundle for $399. Also an option are an Xbox One 500GB Holiday Bundle that has Dance Central Spotlight Kinect Sports Rivals and Zoo Tycoon for $499. You're also able to get the Halo 5 special edition bundle for $499 as well. All of those bundles include an extra controller and another game.

When choosing you can have either the normal controller or the Special Edition Covert Forces controller. The games you get to choose from are either Madden NFL 16 or Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition. Halo 5 was supposedly another game option for $10 more, though it doesn't appear to be available on the site anymore.

This is actually quite the good deal for those looking to upgrade to an Xbox One or that want to see what the console is all about. I'm not sure what the return policy is on this particular special, however, so be wary.