Xbox One is Just Beginning to Show its True Power

Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Global Director of Games Marketing, during an interview with  The Inner Circle Podcast, talked about Xbox One, and the company's focus on games. He attributed the strategy to the strong leadership of Phil Spencer, and continued to talk about Xbox One's future,

The strategy and focus on games for the Xbox One is all thanks to Phil Spencer's leadership,

Phil has been the head of our games for many years, and to have him in charge of the entire business is the reflection of that. He’s been a great leader, people love working with him, and the guy knows games inside out. You can see that in the review. Phil can see stuff that nobody sees. He has that talent. He’s fantastic and he genuinely cares. He’s a total class act.

The company's focus on providing the best games available anywhere, on the Xbox One platform is supported by the best engineers, enhancing the platform and the tools provided to the developers in order to achieve more out of the system.

The slow and steady approach is our focus and we’re very clear on what we wanna do. We’re not not wavering and we’re making investments and building the best games anywhere, and building the best platform for gamers.

I think we’ll continue to innovate and we’ll continue to bring great games. We did it last year, and we’ll do it again next year. We feel like that’s the right strategy. As long as we stay focused on that, I think we’ll be all right.

I have glimpsed into the future of the Xbox One and it looks sweet,

He also mentioned that he has witnessed some of the future projects and tech that the company has in store for the Xbox One, and the future is looking very bright indeed. He clarifies that Windows 10 will have a big impact on both the PC and Xbox One platforms, something that is indeed immensely exciting. What's important though are the games, and as Greenberg mentioned, projects from Rare and Twisted Pixel are in the works, some of which include some very innovative titles. Halo 5: Guardians was also talked about, and characterized as being huge and super-innovative.

I’m excited. I’ve seen a little bit of the future, and I’ve seen some of the farther future stuff, which is pretty awesome too. I think all up the company is doing some really cool things. I thought the Windows 10 event was great.

Hololens is multiple years in the future technology that they’re delivering today, which is just unbelievable.

Hololens does indeed seem extraordinary, and its applications could be very interesting. Phil Spencer talked about the importance of gaming for the device and specific scenarios with the Xbox.


 "I think gaming will be important. Specific scenarios with the Xbox, we're thinking hard about. People could ask about streaming solutions. Could I use it as a display for my Xbox? We don't have answers to any of those things, but know it's all part of the same organization."

With GDC taking place at the beginning of next month, many questions will be answered, and we will probably have some nice reveals and demonstrations as well. The implementation of DirectX 12 for both the PC and Xbox One, would be very exciting indeed and I am looking forward to it. We will bring you coverage of the event as well as any news regarding Xbox One and Microsoft, as soon as it becomes available.

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