XBOX 360 Slim has been hacked!

With the release of the new XBOX 360 Slim every one knew it was only a matter of time before a hacked firmware was bound to be released and now it has been done. TeamJungle is showing their hacking skills off in the video by playing a back up of Crackdown 2. This is probably fantastic news for all those people who own XBOX 360 slims and are awaiting a hacked firmware to appear so they can return to their pirating ways. I can already hear the XBOX fans rejoicing this victory over Microsoft once again.

This video is of the first 360 Slim flashed with hacked firmware and booting backups. All work is done by the Xbox scene's premier hacking teams, Xecuter, Team Jungle & Commodore4Eva (C4E).

The video is not perfect and was put togetehr quickly, but it's real and anyone with a clue who the hacking teams are know its real. Those who shout fake or say "hey i can't see any cables so there must be 2 xbox's" or "you are liars this is so gay and fake as you are hiding the dvd blade" etc etc Well you guys are simply clueless, moronic trolls with zero knowledge of the Xbox scene. So please make yourselves look foolish with your lame ass troll posts because I can guarantee you that you will be immortalized with your dumbass quotes very soon 😉

Thanks to Team Xecuter, Team Jungle & C4E.

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