The XBook One X Is A Portable Xbox One X Custom Made by Modder Eddie Zarick

Did you ever wish you could bring the console on the go like a laptop? There's an answer to that now and no, it isn't the Nintendo Switch.

Modder Eddie Zarick is notorious for turning consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One into portable units that resemble a laptop. His latest invention is the XBook One X, which is a portable Xbox One X coupled with a ViewSonic 21.5" FullHD display (with built-in audio) and a keyboard that will let you browse the system and type much faster than you possibly could with a regular controller.

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This is certainly an impressive piece of engineering, but it's also an exceedingly expensive one. While Microsoft's console is priced at $499 and the ViewSonic display can be purchased for about $150, Eddie Zarick will sell you an XBook One X for $2495 plus shipping fees.

With such a price you would probably be better off purchasing an actual high-end gaming laptop. Still, if you travel a lot and your friends all play on the Xbox One, it could be worth looking into if money is not an issue.

There are even additional options for customization you may pick before ordering the unit. For instance, you may choose white or black for the case color as well as whatever secondary color you prefer, and there's even the possibility to add your Xbox Live Gamertag somewhere on the system.

Should you be interested in purchasing one XBook One X unit, you can contact the maker via this form.

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