Blizzard Explains Battle for Azeroth PvP Scaling; Holy Paladin Animation Overhaul & Guardian Spirit’s Sacrifice Cap Inbound

Aernout van de Velde
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Blizzard has taken to Twitter to explain how Battle for Azeroth PvP scaling works, and has released some information on an upcoming Holy Paladin visual animation overhaul and a Priest Guardian Spirit Sacrifice cap.

Replying to a question on how scaling works in rated Battle for Azeroth PvP settings, game designer Chris Kaleiki posted a drawn image on how the ‘background’ system Guardian Spirit's sacrificeworks in World of Warcraft’s seventh expansion.

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“The anxiety over the PvP scaling system is unfounded, and is probably caused by some bugs we had early on (i.e. not scaling Resil/PvP power correctly etc.)”, he wrote. “It should be a background system the player shouldn't have to think about.” We’ve included the image he attached down below:

battle for azeroth pvp scalingIn other words, the PvP scaling does not make lower level players stronger than higher level players, and does not make lower iLvl gear better than higher iLvl gear. In addition, the background system does not change a player’s stat weights.

As said, Blizzard also provided some information on an upcoming Guardian’s Spirit Sacrifice heal cap, and a Holy Paladin visual animation overhaul.

Apparently, some Holy Priests have been using the Guardian’s Spirit Sacrifice on final faction bosses in Isle of Conquest for an insanely powerful heal.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available now for both PC and Mac.

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