World of Warcraft demonstrated on the Intel Moorestown

Jun 5, 2010

Technology really has changed, from computers to cell phones all the way to hand held devices, before people wondered how to run popular MMORPG World of Warcraft on another system? simple use a laptop and if a laptop isn’t enough why not use it on this unnamed pocket device running the new Intel codenamed “Moorestown” as you can see the game runs a bit sluggish so this is definitely not good for heavy raids or dungeons or even battle grounds.

Although if your in the mood for some Quake 3 action this beauty can run Quake 3 at a eye boggling 90 FPS. So while on the boring ride home why not take out this nifty device and be the envy of every idle handed person on your train/bus? But seriously if they can squeeze more frames out of World of Warcraft i will definitely buy this beautiful hand held device.