World of Warcraft: Cataclysm to be sold digitally

Oct 24, 2010

Today some news hit the internet when creators of the worlds LARGEST played MMORPG announced that Cataclysm will be not only be sold in retail the regular game WILL also be sold digitally on and Blizzard store, but as an added bonus players can pre load the game content and wait till it gets unlocked by Blizzard upon release date. This is important because this is the first time a digital release and retail release of a WoW game has ever been done before, normally the game would come to Blizzard store after a few weeks of release but this time they are making both available which is a great perk. I might just end up buying the game from Blizzard site rather then the boxed version.

Although the expansion pack DOES bring a lot of new stuff to practically EVERYTHING in the game. Flying mounts in Azeroth, changes to the lands, new races and not to mention an increased level cap. Although digital download DOES have many ups to it such as no need to wait for the game being shipped to you, instantly available, pre loading and not to mention it saves you the hassle of finding space for it on your shelf.
Source: Shack News