Wolfenstein III Hinted at by MachineGames, Will “Play With the Format” If it Happens

Wolfenstein III

Will Wolfenstein III ever happen? Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was well-liked by critics (check out Wccf’s positive review here), but the game was not a huge sales success, moving under 2 million copies across all platforms. Eurogamer tried to wrench an answer out of MachineGames designer Andreas Öjerfors during a recent interview, who hinted something may be in the works.

When asked whether MachineGames plans to further tinker with the character of BJ Blazkowicz, Öjerfors claimed he couldn’t say without “talking about what we’re doing.” He later said that if MachineGames were working on Wolfenstein III, the reveal would be saved for “E3 two years into the future.” Hmmm! Most people probably wouldn’t say something so specific about a game they weren’t working on!

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Going even further, Öjerfors teased that MachineGames might try some new things with Wolfenstein III…

“[Wolfenstein III would] play with the format a bit. Not because it's necessary but because we would like to do something different. [The New Colossus] is now our third Wolfenstein game [following The New Order and the Old Blood expansion]. If we would continue down that route [Wolfenstein 3] we would play with the format a bit, do something that would interest us."

Don’t worry though, they wouldn’t go too crazy – Wolfenstein III would still be a shooter.

“Whatever we do, even if we did Tetris 2, [it] would be a first-person shooter."

It should be noted that MachineGames recently posted a job listing for a network programmer to help “refine systems and online features” in an upcoming game. MachineGames’ Wolfenstein titles have been defiantly single-player experiences, but could Wolfenstein III go more of an online multiplayer route? I admire the dedication to single-player, but it might be time.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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