The Witcher 3 Super Turbo Lighting Mod 2.3 Gets New Preview Screens, Changes Detailed


The Witcher 3, the popular role playing game developed by CD Projekt Red for PC and consoles, has received plenty of mods since release, allowing PC players to do things that are not normally possible in the game. One of the most interesting mods released for the game is the Super Turbo Lighting mod, which tweaks the lighting system to provide a different visual experience. A new version of the mod is currently in development, and more about it has been shared online recently.

The Witcher 3 Super Turbo Lighting Mod 2.3 is currently in the works, and modder essenthy recently shared a couple of screenshots which showcase the improvements of this new version. According to one of the testers, essenthy found a new setting which he calls gradient map, which can make the game look closer to the stunning Sword of Destiny trailer.

What essenthy said is, he found new setting (He called it gradiant map) which makes game more similar SOD trailer, totally disabled projector effects behind the Geralt (Caves now almost dark and finally we need to use cat potion or torch, yayyyy), some changes will be in bad weather to reduce the difference between awesome STLM and vanilla bad weather lighting, light rays must work proper now, some lighting changes during cut-scene and other than that he said there are much more he is working on.

Speaking about changes in the different areas, essenthy also confirmed that there won't be any major change for Toussaint, only minor tweaks. He also added that feels like the peculiar design of the ares wouldn't fit with the changes included in his mod, but he might try something in the future.

The Witcher 3 is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.