New The Witcher 3 Mod ‘Primal Needs’ Adds Hunger, Thirst & Fatigue To Increase The Game’s Immersion


Primal Needs, a new The Witcher 3 mod adds symptoms such as hunger and thirst to the action-RPG.

The main goal of the modification is to increase the player’s immersion, and each symptom affects different things and rises at different speeds. Primal Needs adds hunger, thirst and fatigue to the game, and every need has levels from 0% to 100%. Down below you’ll find a part of the mod’s description as taken from Nexus Mods:

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-- Hunger --  

  • Hunger is medium-slow growing need
  • Vitality has the biggest effect on the hunger and vica versa
    • the less vitality you have the faster hunger's gonna grow
    • if you reach critical levels of hunger vitality will slowly drain
  • If fully sated adrenaline will deplete slower, and if hungry faster
  • the more toxicity and adrenaline you have, hunger will rise slower there fore drinking potion and being agressive in combat is more rewarding
  • Eating reduces hunger
  •  Amount of reducing is shown in the tool tip of every food and depends on food quality
  • Some drinks also reduce hunger ( like milk ) but very little

-- Thirst --  

  • Thirst rises the fastest, but is also reduced by drinks the fastest
  • It is mostly connected to the stamina
    • The less stamina you have, the faster it's gonna rise
    • Being completely thirsty fully negates stamina regeneration!
    • if not thirsty you will get additional stamina regen
  • Toxicity level also slows down thirst rising by a lot
  • During combat you'll get thirsty a little faster
  • Drinks reduce thirst, any kind of driink
  • Some food also reduce thirst like fruits but very little

-- Fatigue --  

  • Fatigue is the slowest growing need
  • Some stats affect it, but it doesn't affect them
  • Fatigue is generally connected to combat
  • When reached certain levels of tiredness, you won't be able to perform certain actions like: sprinting, dodging, blocking, rolling, even running in the latest stages
  • Fatigue is reduced by meditating, about 6 - 8 hrs to get form 100% to 0%
  • If you overeat or overdrink that will also rise you fatigue level, and will start affecting your combat so be careful how much you eat and when.

The mod also adds an expiration date to food, and redesigns food to last longer, but much less per second. You can read more about the mod, and how to install it, on Nexus Mods right here.

The Witcher 3 is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.