Wireless Charging Case For AirPods Will Be Sold Separately – Will It Support Our Current AirPods

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When the new iPhones were announced, Apple also mentioned that AirPods would be getting an optional wireless charging case. Other than this the company did not provide details about the matter. How much this case will cost, will we able to charge our old AirPods with it as well, are just a few of the questions that people asked at that time.

Rumors rolling about charging case for AirPods

Now we came to know that the case will be sold separately and it is designed to work with the current generation AirPods. There is a possibility that the company will sell the case with AirPods from now on. The next question that comes to mind is that how much will this case cost? One rumor claims that the cost will be equal to US $69, which is equal to the replacement cost of the current AirPods case without the wireless charging capability.

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Now if this rumor is true then Apple may sell the case along with the AirPods for $159 which is the price of current generation AirPods. There is another possibility as well. Apple may sell the wireless charging AirPods for a premium and can sell the existing ones for less. AirPower charging mat and the wireless charging case will come out next year according to the website.

According to the company the AirPower accessory can do things which current standards don’t support. We aren’t sure whether the AirPods will be able to support all Qi chargers. Apple Watch Series 3 does not support it despite adopting the Qi standard of the latest iPhones. The series will, however, support AirPower accessory.

Wireless charging is something that everyone has been looking forward to for a very long time. The company knows that there is demand for this and it plans on using this demand to the best of its advantage. It will be rolling out another update soon enough to ensure faster wireless charging at 7.5 W.

What are your views on the whole wireless agenda?

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