Winston Privacy Filter Will Give You The Privacy You Need Without Compromising Your Browsing Speeds – Avail Offer Now


Privacy applications are a huge blessing and we need more of those if you ask me. Internet privacy is not an overrated concern and we have seen why over the past few years. With an increase in the number of digital products we use and the ease with which we click ‘I agree’ to unread terms and conditions; we need to ensure that our right to privacy isn’t exploited in any way. Wccftech is offering to help and we are giving an amazing discount on the Winston Privacy Filter. This filter will give you the privacy you need and deserve.

Winston Privacy Filter Features

With this simple plug-and-play device, you will be able to take control of your online privacy. It will block out ads and trackers and ensure that your internet-connected devices do not give away your location and identity to anyone. This will ensure that you get a faster and more efficient browsing experience. Here are highlights of what the Winston Privacy Filter has in store for you:

  •  Fewer ads & faster browsing
  •  Stops big tech spying
  •  Block malware & adult content
  •  Encrypts the internet to fight hackers & identity theft
  •  Smart cloaking of your IP address: High-risk traffic is routed over a zero-logging, proprietary distributed Privacy Mesh network, making it much harder for your location and identity to be tracked
  •  Protects every device in your home, from computers to smart TVs to your kids' tablets
  •  Protect mobile devices with our iOS & Android apps
  •  One-time payment (no subscription fees ever)


  •  Color: silver, black
  •  Finish: anodized, matte
  •  Materials: aluminum, plastic
  •  Dimensions
    o Without kickstand: 4.61" x 4.61" x 0.98"
    o With kickstand: 4.61" x 4.61" x 2.63"
  •  Processor: dual-core 1GHz ARM A53, 64-bit Marvell Armada
  •  RAM: 800MHz
  •  Memory: 1GB DDR4
  •  Operating system: Linux
  •  Power: 12V DC
  •  Thermal dissipation: 1W at 1GHz
  •  Network: Gigabit Ethernet, WAN & LAN
  •  Security: impervious to specter & meltdown, ARM trusted firmware


  •  Winston Privacy Filter Hardware
  •  Power Adapter
  •  2x CAT6 Ethernet Cables
  •  Rubber Bumpers
  •  Instructions

Original Price Winston Filter: $199
Wccftech Discount Price Winston Privacy Filter: $179