Windows Phone and Android Cyber Monday 2013 Deals

This post covers some of the exciting deals of Cyber Monday 2013. Phones are a necessity nowadays, so better get a reliable one which can assist you in efficiently. Windows Phone has recently passed the 10% market mark in EU, pointing to the public's approval of the new OS.

WindowsPhone and Android CyberMonday 2013 Deals- Nokia/Samsung & HTC


CyberMonday 2013

This juicy flagship by LG is available FREE on contract. Its price is $0 if u sign a 2-year contract with verizon. The LG G2 is a capable phone which matches almost every other Android flagship out there.

Buy from : LG G2

CyberMonday 2013

The Galaxy S4 is quite a known smartphone and a bestseller. If u are going for a off-contract phone, this is the one to get. Its specifications do not disappoint. Priced at $450, it is a good bargain.

Buy from: Samsung Galaxy S4

CyberMonday 2013

This is a capable phone although not very loaded with specs. It's priced at an Awesome $50 Off-contract!. Although u will have to get it unlocked since its locked to AT&T, it can still be used for other modest tasks.

Buy from : Nokia Lumia 520 4G


For our readers from UK, HP has shown u mercy!. Hurry up and use this code : HP15OFF and get 15% off on orders below £2000.

The Htc one unlocked for £429. Nice price for a nice phone. The One is the flagship from HTC and a good performing smartphone.

Buy from : HTC ONE.


Lastly the Lumia 920, a previous generation flagship on sale for £207! and unlocked! Although the phone is slightly old it performs well with the WP8 Amber nonetheless.

Buy from : Lumia 920

There u have it folks, don't waste much time and get the awesome deals before it is too late.

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